We work with state and independent oil companies, multinationals, drilling contractors and specialists in exploration, production, bio-fuels and renewable energy, operating both on and offshore, creating and placing multinational insurance solutions that offer long-term competitive advantage.

Our international network and strong, well-established presence in the energy market, enables us to provide innovative, efficient and cost-effective insurance solutions that suit your business - no matter where in the world you operate. We also deliver fast and efficient claims handling, if and when claims occur.

We provide products designed to mitigate a wide range of offshore and onshore risks.

The energy market is renowned for its volatility and we have an energy practice group, which identifies trends and issues and monitors the markets, in order to advise clients and adapt cover in response to sudden changes in market conditions.


EOS RISQ Italy (Assiteca)
Steven Zan
Tel: + 39 045 809 4711
Email: steven.zan@eosrisq.it

EOS RISQ France (Diot)
Michel Villard
Tel: + 33 1 44 79 62 69
Email: michel.villard@eosrisq.fr

EOS RISQ UK (Lockton)
Hubert Seifert
Tel: + 44 20 7933 2655
Email: hubert.seifert@eosrisq.co.uk

EOS RISQ Benelux (Vanbreda)
Wim Lanclus
Tel: + 32 3 217 55 01
Email: wim.lanclus@eosrisq.be